Archbishop: Strikes Will Destroy This Nation

| Mohamed Seif

A senior clergyman is calling for the voice of reason to prevail in the teachers’ strike.

Anglican Archbishop Rev. Dr. Eliud Wabukala says teachers should be reasonable. PHOTO/Mohamed Seif

Anglican Archbishop Rev. Dr. Eliud Wabukala says teachers should be reasonable. PHOTO/Mohamed Seif

Speaking in Likoni on Tuesday, Anglican Archbishop Rev. Dr. Eliud Wabukala said that the agitation for higher salaries by parliamentarians, county reps, nurses and now teachers, are causing the country’s goals to be being sidelined.

“It is almost three years since we started the journey of the new constitution. There were numerous expectations from the constitution that may have made us not to take cognizance of the warnings about the storms that abound the journey,” the Archbishop said.

He said frequent disruptions to the country’s development could be an indication of misplaced priorities including the existence of constitutional gaps, lack of due diligence in ensuring proper planning and a negative societal attitude among others.

“My call is that we need to consult and solve our problems through negotiations because at the end of the day strikes will destroy this nation” he said. “I am persuaded that we will weather these storms if we  stick together and focus on our national goals and aspirations and remain ready to sacrifice for their realization.”


Garbage Dumpers Take a Verbal Thrashing

| John Maina

Unlicensed garbage collectors who use carts in Mombasa County are facing the heat
for the oceans of garbage that are threatening to swallow the entire city.

Experts in the industry and residents alike accuse them of dumping anywhere and everywhere after they have collected the garbage from their customers. Most of these garbage collectors use carts and polythene paper bags to collect garbage but instead of taking the trash to the dump-site or various designated collection points around the county, they continue to dump in restricted areas especially those that pose a hazard to the residents and are an eyesore for the city.
The acting city manager for Mombasa, Martin Achal, says garbage collection is a challenge for the county government because most people live in the central business district; generating more garbage than the authorities can handle, especially as the county garbage trucks are almost always in need of service.

Achal says of the sixteen trucks used in garbage collection, only eight are functioning. Having this addressed, and imposing heavy penalties on those dumping illegally, would alleviate the situation greatly, he says.

He said they have information that some people give bribes to the city askaris who man the areas that are not designated for dumping so they can allow illegal dumping. He says the county will take action on those they catch in the act.

However, Stella Abooka, a private garbage collector puts the blame squarely on the authorities and unregistered garbage collection outfits who she says only compound the problem by not following the law.

She suggests that the police should take action on them for risking the lives of locals.

“Some of these people give garbage collectors in general a bad name. The public should be only hire approved cleaning services and garbage collection firms,” she told CTW.

High cost

The business of garbage collection is an expensive affair since prices charged by the defunct Mombasa Municipal Council have doubled since last year. This in the long term raises the cost of operations for anyone who is involved with trash collection business in Mombasa County.

On the use of plastic bags for garbage collection services, Ms. Abooka says that her company uses the bags because they know that they are going to take the garbage to the right place at Mwakirunge dump-site where there are people who collect plastic bags for recycling purposes.

More Than 4000 litres Of Illicit Brew Impounded

| M’bwana Omar

As the government puts in measures to eliminate all illicit brews, liters of intoxicant were poured and equipment destroyed at Bangladesh Changamwe district of Mombasa County during a raid aimed at arresting the distillers.

Illicit brew

During the raid 100 liters of chang’aa, 4000 liters of kangara, 400 grams of bhang were recovered and 3 suspects arrested.

According to one of the distillers, Everlyn Nambuya, the brewers have been in the business for the past five years as their only means for sustenance.

Mrs Nambuya said since her husband died a while ago, she has engaged in the business and used the money to pay school fees for her children. She said the prohibitive license fees of opening a registered bar, and the high cost of renting stall as some of the reason why slum dwellers take the easy way out.

“Chang’aa and kangara are like our husbands, she said.

The haul that was poured down the drain is estimated to be worth at least Ksh. 40,000.

Speaking on behalf of the residents and others, Mrs. Nambuya urged the government to give them ample time to source for alternative business that was legitimate.

In response, the Assistant County Commissioner, Kennedy Gitonga Murungi said that the raids will continue until all perpetrators are brought to book

Murungi warned all those involved in the sale, transportation, storage, as well as usage of these products, that the government was watching them and that they would face the full force of the law.