County Set For Population Explosion

Leaders in Kwale County have been urged to clear up misconceptions on family planning and to urge Kwale residents to plan their families so that development can be achieved.

“We have an opportunity to plan our future and our families. We have embarked on a journey to transforming this country. Transforming the population to be self dependent and people live in prosperous country,” said the County Commissioner, Evans Achoki.

Mr Achoki said that Kenya’s Vision 2030, envisage a middle income economy where people shall be able to access their necessities, however Achoki noted that for this to happen effective planning is mandatory.

Kwale’s population as at the 2009 Census was 649,931 persons and is projected to increase to 713,488, 783,261 and 833,527 persons in 2012, 2015 and 2017 respectively.

According to statistics from the National Council for Population Development (NCPD) 36 per cent of county’s residents are youth and 55 per cent are children.

“If (these youth and children) do not realize their dreams then we will have a big problem in our society.” Mr Achoki said adding that society has a role in reminding youth of their role in  development.

“Boys need to be taught that their role is not to impregnate girls and run away and girls needs to be taught how to safeguard themselves from getting early pregnancies.” said Karugu Ngatia, the NCPD Deputy Director Programmes and Coordinating.

Mr Ngatia, who was speaking at a sensitization workshop on the new national population and development policy, emphasised that family planning is not for the women but for the family.